How to bet on sports on the Internet

Hi, I see you decided to try yourself in sports betting.

This is a very exciting, but rather difficult case. First of all, it is a bright entertainment that can bring a variety of emotions, from euphoria to annoyance and despair. It can also become your profession. But only in the future, when you thoroughly master it, go through a number of important stages and gain experience.

The decision to look into our “Betting School” was very correct. Here we will try to protect you from the basic mistakes that 90% of betting beginners make.

Step #0 – allocate a bankroll or try betting on virtual funds

Nothing will work without a bank. It doesn’t make much sense to start with a couple of thousand rubles if you’re not going to limit yourself to a one-time bet. If there is very little money, then it is worth either to save up the minimum amount for the right game, or to practice on virtual money for now.


For a beginner, training on a virtual bank is even preferable to playing with real funds. You don’t risk any money, but at the same time you gain the necessary experience. On BET TV, each participant receives a virtual bank and can online mma betting on all popular events. The service automatically calculates statistics, which allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your bets. The cherry on the cake is an opportunity to win real money by participating in contests on a fee-free basis.

After running in on virtual funds, form your betting bank. Everyone has their own. There are two basic principles of its selection: a win of 3-5% of it should inspire you, and you should not be afraid to lose the total amount of the bank. Yes, unpleasant, but not fatal.

It is definitely not worth starting with a bankroll the size of your semi-annual income, using credit funds or mortgaging your property. This is a direct path to bankruptcy, severe forms of gambling addiction and other problems.

Step #1 – choosing a bookmaker

Not all bookmakers are equally useful. In some BC there is a horse margin (read more about the margin in other school materials), which in the future will eat up most of your winnings, in others it may be difficult to deposit and withdraw funds in a way convenient for you, and in the third – they will steal your deposit altogether or will not allow you to withdraw legitimate winnings.

Therefore, do not rush to the first advertised brand, choose carefully, as you choose a new smartphone or a car. Get acquainted with the BC rating, read reviews and reviews about the office on the Internet, go to the BC website itself and study their line, coefficients, bonus program, internal rules. Consult with friends who have experience in betting. In the future, you will acquire accounts in many offices if you stay in Business. But the first BC, it’s like the first woman, you’ll remember her forever)

Step #2 – Learn betting terminology

If you are a complete beginner, then you probably don’t understand all these strange terms, such as X2, Handicap 1(0), total 2 more, not to mention Asian handicaps and express train systems. There is nothing super complicated about them, but we need to figure it out. In our school, we have collected a clear database of all betting terms for you, be sure to familiarize yourself. You can start with basic things – outcomes and basic totals, gradually moving towards more complex types of bets.

It is also very important to study the rules for calculating different bets in your chosen bookmaker. Sometimes they differ quite seriously. For example, if “your” tennis player is rejected due to injury, a refund will be calculated in one office, and a loss in another. Many people get excited about bets made taking into account only the main time of the match – if the selected team won in overtime, then such a bet will lose.

Step #3 – make a deposit

It is absolutely not necessary, and even harmful, to start your entire bankroll in one office at once. This may be appropriate only to get more bonuses. But just keep in mind that the bonus will have to be wagered and, most likely, until the full wagering, nothing can be withdrawn from the office.


If there are no bonuses in the office, then it makes no sense at all. It’s better to just get money for one bet, so that there is no temptation to win back or bet on everything. And it is safer to store the bankroll on a separate “gaming” bank card or online wallet. In the future, you will learn how to find the best odds for the selected outcomes and will be able to increase the profitability of your game by distributing the pot across several BCS.

Step #4 – Try to make your first bet

Choose in advance the event (match) on which you will bet. Needless to say, you should be interested in the sports and the league you’re going to bet on. Study all the information about the upcoming event and determine the approximate probability of the chosen outcome. In order for your bet to be profitable, it must have value.

For a simple determination of the value of the bet, multiply the coefficient proposed by the book by the probability you have identified as a percentage. If the result is greater than one, the bet is profitable.

Example: football, Bundesliga, Eintracht – Mainz 05 match. You are 60% sure of the victory of the hosts, you estimate a draw at 30% and left 10% for the victory of Mainz. On P1, they give a coefficient of 1.98. Multiply 1.98 by 60%, we get 1.19. The result is decently more than one, the bet has value, we are happy to take it.

Using this simple formula, you can evaluate the profitability of any of your choices, and the skill of accurately determining probabilities will come with the experience of watching sports and the number of bets made. The most important rule in betting is that most of your choices should have value. Only this will lead you to profit at a distance. No need to try to guess the winner, no need to blindly bet on the most likely outcome, no need to mindlessly follow someone’s predictions.

Only value is the foundation of the basics.

Tips for beginners in sports betting
To start earning steadily with sports betting, follow these rules:

  •  Have value in most of your bets, or better yet, in all of them.
  • Treat betting as a job. This is serious intellectual work and there is no easy money here, you need to work.
  •  Learn to control your emotions. Do not be too upset about losses and overly exult after a series of wins. Both are only a small part of the process, the distance.
  •  Strictly adhere to bank management. No bet is worth hitting more than 5% of the total bankroll amount on it. It is better to put even less, 2-3%. Millions of players become negative precisely because of the violation of this rule.
  • Love sports, watch sports, develop in betting, look for new patterns, combine them into systems. The more working systems you have, the better – they insure each other.

If you are betting primarily for emotions, then just try not to bet too much. Allocate a certain part of your income to this entertainment every month, preferably no more than 10%, and enjoy the drive and adrenaline.

The main thing is, do not deviate from the allocated budget under any circumstances – never recoup over it and do not increase the bet when “rushing”. This is very often a deceptive process, it is much better to immediately spend the winnings on something necessary, useful or pleasant in real life.

These are the basic rules for beginners. We will analyze them in more detail in our next materials, but for now, good luck!